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Tatweer Misr for Real Estate Development 

Development Egypt was founded in 2014 and has been a vital agent for change, providing unparalleled value through exemplary projects that master all aspects of development.

 The company boasts industrial and technological expertise and delivers an innovative outlook on integrated living, meeting the increasing demand for diverse-use projects required by the communities it serves, all to emerge as a leading real estate developer in Egypt. 

Development Egypt is committed to excellence in design, innovation, and sustainability, leading to high-quality construction and design, and unique coordination between constructions and life-rich facilities aimed at enhancing the growth of its residents.

Tatweer Misr has received several awards, including:

Projects of Tatweer Misr Real Estate Development Company

  • The Monte Galala, Ain Sokhna

Monte Galala was created and planned in collaboration with the world-renowned Italian architect Gianluca Peluffo and his partners, drawing inspiration from the charming aspects of the famous Italian village of Portofino. It spans an area of 520 acres, covering a pristine 1.4 km-long beach, and offers the world's largest and first mountain-top lake.

  • Bloomfields Future City

Bloomfields was designed to offer something unique to customers and provide a sustainable lifestyle inspired by the best integrated environmental systems in the world.

 Bloomfields spans over 415 acres and is considered one of the most charming and cohesive green cities in the future city. The project was carefully planned to make life easier and more enjoyable without the need to move outside, featuring stunning views of sunny green gardens and world-class facilities.

  • Fouka Bay, North Coast

Fouka Bay was designed by world-renowned Italian architects Gianluca Peluffo and his partners. Fouka Bay is the perfect place for socializing, relaxation, and leisure, providing a unique experience of tropical island living on the North Coast, as it includes 12 islands surrounded by white sandy beaches and crystal-clear lagoons on all sides, covering an area of 7 km.

  • D-Bay, North Coast

De Bay represents a true testament to reshaping your summer experience and lifestyle, spanning over 200 acres in the North Coast, with an 800-meter beachfront and numerous swimmable lagoons, as well as a diverse array of world-class leisure facilities.

  • Rivers, Sheikh Zayed

Riverside spans over 100 acres, offering a unique residential experience that enhances the natural tranquility and unique privacy in the heart of the New Sheikh Zayed City, inviting everyone in a luxurious and upscale manner to enjoy vibrant nature.

  •  Salt, North Coast

Located on 294 acres in Ras El Hikma, Salt features vast and unlimited water surfaces, thanks to the 850-meter beachfront, swimming pools, and crystal-clear freshwater lakes that stretch as far as the eye can see. Salt also offers a commercial area surrounded by a food court with stunning views of the waterfront, as well as the Baunglo Hotel and hotel apartments.


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